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2018-11-07 2018-11-07 11:03



TNT 犯罪美劇《一善之差》(Good Behavior)距離第二季完結已近一年,雖然在美收視低迷,但期間曾傳出電視網希望找到別的方式將故事繼續述說下去。然而該劇主創暨節目統籌查德賀智Chad Hodge)今日粉碎了這個希望,證實不再推出第三季。


一善之差》改編自布萊克克勞奇(Blake Crouch)的系列小說,由《唐頓莊園》(Downton Abbey)女星蜜雪兒道克瑞Michelle Dockery)主演。故事描述偷竊慣犯 Letty (蜜雪兒道克瑞 飾)偶然得知殺手 Javier (胡安迪亞哥波托飾)將去刺殺一個男人的妻子時,決心暗中破壞行動,卻沒想到她的命運從此與這個魅力非凡的殺手糾纏不清。


查德賀智在 Instagram 宣布這個遺憾的消息後,感謝參與該劇製作的團隊,透露第二季結尾並非他預期的結局,並貼出為第三季撰寫的劇本。


從劇本中可看到 Letty 與 Javier 為購買一輛車而展開爭論,女方認為這輛車很糟,既不能接上手機播放音樂,也不能夠為手機充電。但男方則認為他是輛相當有價值的車子,甚至可以擺在博物館中。後兩人爭吵結束, Javier 啟動車輛啟程,玩著手機遊戲的 Letty 停下手中的動作望向窗外,看著高速公路上有其他車輛奔馳著,看著遠方的日落,看著 Javier ...



With a heavy heart I have to let you know that Good Behavior will not return for a third season on TNT. I’ve always said I could write about Letty and Javier for 500 episodes. Their relationship and place in the world live on the edge of something unique and beautiful and I’m more proud of creating their story than anything in my TV career thus far. The experience of making Good Behavior was also the best of my career. Collaborating with Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego Botto and the entire cast… with pilot director Charlotte Sieling, producing director Mikkel Nørgaard, and all the episodic directors… with Blake Crouch and the writers… with my producing partners Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements… with our kick-ass creative team and crew… we were one family making this show and it was better because of every person who donated their creative lifeblood. You can see it on display in every episode currently streaming on Hulu. To our fans… our incredible fans around the world: THANK YOU. Thank you for loving what we made, for the letters and DMs and gifts, for the love. If I could keep writing the story of Letty and Javier for you I would. The last episode of S2 is not the ending. Actually I did write a bonus scene for you that would have been in Season 3… swipe left and you’ll see. So just know that Letty and Javier are out there somewhere… living their best lives (eh probably not lol). But they are alive. Their story continues. Though for now, as Letty would say… BYE. #GoodBehavior

Chad Hodge(@chadhodge)分享的貼文 於 張貼


一善之差》自 2016 年底首播,於 2017 年底播畢,共兩季完結。(hollywoodreporter




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